Non-stranger Rape

Non-stranger Rape

Is Your Date Safe?

GET to know your dates before being alone with them.

TELL dates upfront what your sexual expectations are.

CREATE plans for getting out of unsafe or uncomfortable situations.

AVOID alcohol and drugs, especially on dates.

INSIST on respect from your dates.

CALL the Friendship Center if you are assaulted at 442-6800.


Free and Confidential Assistance

The Rating Game

  • Your partner has an explosive temper
  • Your partner is jealous of your time, friends, and family
  • Your partner criticizes your ideas, feelings, and looks
  • Your partner pinches, grabs, slaps, or shoves you
  • Your partner makes you feel afraid
  • Your partner blames you for his/her anger
  • Your partner forces you to have sexual contact when you don’t want to

IF you answered even one question, YES, then your partner rates A ZERO….

Get Out, or Get Help NOW!

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