STAND: Survivors Taking A New Direction

The staff of The Friendship Center is excited to announce the restructuring of what was formerly known as Support Group for survivors of domestic/sexual abuse and stalking.  Beginning 3/14/17, every Tuesday from 1-2 pm we will now be offering STAND: Survivors Taking A New Direction.  This skills-based educational framework will provide a predictable, structured, trauma-informed venue aimed at offering information, tools, and resources for individuals to take with them on their journey toward healing.  While each group will always be unique, a 7 week rotating curriculum will allow members to select which group(s) to attend based on topics they would like more information about.  For example, week 1 will always encompass the subject of domestic abuse, week 2 of the rotation will involve awareness and education about sexual assault, and so on.  We will conclude each group with 5-10 minutes of mindfulness meditation.  For a weekly schedule, please visit our calendar at or call The Friendship Center at 442.6800.

*Childcare Provided

Survivors Taking A New Direction 7 week rotation is as follows:

Week 1:  Domestic Abuse—topics may include: types of abuse, cycle of abuse, red flags, barriers to leaving, etc.

Week 2:  Sexual Assault—topics may include: consent, sexual violence continuum, gender-based violence, recovering from rape, etc.

Week 3:  Safety Planning—topics may include stalking awareness, technology and social media safety, danger assessments, formulating safety plans, etc.

Week 4:  Healthy Relationships—topics may include assertive communication, boundaries, conflict resolution, equality, etc.

Week 5:  Coping Skills—topics may include mindfulness, emotional regulation, stress reduction, tools to evaluate and correct thinking errors, etc.

Week 6:  Self-Care—topics may include goal setting, physical and emotional health, rebuilding identity, empowerment, etc.

Week 7:  Expressive Arts—using creativity to facilitate self-awareness and personal growth through a variety of activities

Thank You United Way!

We are very proud and thankful to be a partner agency of United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area! In 2016, the UWLCA awarded The Friendship Center a $12,000 emergency grant to help sustain our operations after losing an important federal grant. This emergency funding will help ensure that operations and emergency client services will continue at full capacity without interruptions.

Check out the local media coverage here:

2017 Officer of the Year

The Helena Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DVSA) Working Group, along with The Friendship Center, announced the recipients of the Officer of the Year award. Attorney General Tim Fox presented the officer with his award. The purpose of the award is to recognize the critical role law enforcement plays in serving victims of domestic and sexual violence in our community, and to highlight the role of uniformed officers in particular.

This year the DVSA Working Group chose to honor Officer John Kaleczyc of the Helena Police Department and Deputy Greg Holmlund of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office for their exemplary work in the field of domestic and sexual violence. This is the third year for both officers to receive a nomination for going above and beyond in serving victims of abuse.

Read the full press release by clicking here.

Local Media Coverage:
Helena Independent Record

To nominate a uniformed officer you feel should be recognized for their outstanding work responding to and working with victims of domestic and sexual violence, click here for an application.

Prior DVSA Officer of the Year Honorees:
Helena Police Department Officer Jonathan Cook
Lewis and Clark Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Joyce
OY press release 2015

Helena Police Department Officer McLean Peterson
OY press release 2016

Helena Police Department Officer John Kaleczyc
Lewis and Clark Sheriff’s Office Deputy Greg Holmlund
OY press release 2017

Volunteer Crisis Line Advocacy Training

Volunteer Crisis Line Advocacy Training

Twice a year, we host a volunteer crisis line advocate training. One of our most vital services we offer is a 24/7 crisis line and that service need you!

If you’ve always thought about doing more to end domestic and sexual violence in our community, become an advocate and provide crisis intervention and support to survivors.

Training will take place over 4 days for a total of 28 hours, plus 2 hours of shadowing a staff advocate.

The next training will be held:
Saturday April 7th 8:30-5:00, Lunch from 12-1
Sunday April 8th 8:30-5:00, Lunch from 12-1
Saturday April 14th 8:30-5:00, Lunch from 12-1
Sunday April 15th 8:30-3:00 Lunch from 12-1

Check out the Crisis Line Volunteer Form and Application for more information.

Email Gina at or call 442-6800 to register.